The health category is one of the most successful in the infomercial world. As Americans find alternative natural means to combat a variety of health issues, the use of vitamins and supplements have gone far more mainstream than in years past, especially for the 50 plus target market, a demographic which continues to be the most responsive in direct response marketing.

In 2004, we did the first successful infomercial for an Omega 3 product, many said it would not work. The thirty-minute show for Iceland Health Omega 3 emphasized the purity of the product and the results achieved to help minimize inflammation and thus help ease joint pain. The results were amazing. One show, produced on a limited budget, without a celebrity endorser, sold over 26 million in product in less than three years.

It also paved the way for product extensions in the joint, cognitive and mood categories, which were successful in their own right. All products were launched with half hour infomercials, and later were supplemented by five minute media.

In 2013, Omega XL needed to raise their visibility to the mass market. Their USP was an Omega derived from the green-lipped mussels of New Zealand. Enter Larry King, who interviewed the founder, along with a medical Dr. and supplemented with testimonials of real users, along with a strong call to action. Avalanche oversaw the creation of that infomercial five years ago and it is still running strong, far surpassing the usual life span of creative executions.

Approximately $50 million dollars worth of Omega XL is sold on a yearly basis, largely driven from the TV. Current TV media spend is about $400,000 per week, which started out exclusively in long form and is now supplemented by five minute and shorter format media*.

There is a strong market for Omega products, as evidenced by the continued demand.

*Not verified by independent source
*Disclaimer: Although footage is original, video content above is a re-edit by client since time of original production.