Market Overview

$350 Billion

  • $167 Billion attributed to DRTV
    (short, long, & live shopping)

  • $65 Billion radio

  • $64 Billion online

*estimates and data sourced from the Electronic Retailer Association

shopping bag.png

Buyer Profile

  • 46% of adults buy through electronic channels

  • 54% of buyers were female

  • 52% of all buyers would use the same method to purchase a product in the future

  • 15% bought from the same company in the same year

  • The average income of buyers was $52,059

*statistics from Electronic Retailing Buyer Study



  • Statistics show that video views on Facebook are up to 8 billion per day. Of further significance, video content is more than 40x more likely to get shared on social media than any other type of content. Syndacast predicts that 74% of all Internet traffic in 2018 will be video.

  • Spending on direct marketing grew at a 6.8 percent to $163.7 billion in 2017 ($142.7 billion in 2014) and now accounts for 52.1 percent of total advertising spending in the U.S. This share has increased steadily over the past five years, a trend expected to continue through 2018. ROI for direct marketing  was projected at $12.03 of sales per dollar of expenditures, compared with $5.24 for general advertising.*

  • What is Driving DRTV growth? Channel integration: websites, social media, search, Go to the 800-number PLUS 'go online’, Facebook, YouTube, and Amazon.

*statistics from the DMA