A family of six extraordinary musicians with a sound all their own, The Annie Moses Band is a new wave of music whose mission is to educate and entertain through positive inspiring music, to encourage the school systems to make the Fine Arts an imperative part of their curriculum. The group is propagating a thirst for the fine arts in the hearts of young people, and has a mission to inspire families, churches, and communities to invest in the musical education of the very young.  They are leading the way in the pop-classical revolution sweeping the music world.  The future is very bright for these highly trained young artists, who have received critical acclaim from The Tennessean, Nashville City Paper, Music Row Magazine,,, Phantom Tollbooth,,,, CTN-TV, At Home Live!, Daystar TV, Cornersone TV, 100 Huntley Street, CBN, and TBN, to name a few. The group was also featured with a cover story in Strings Magazine, which is the premiere publication for the neo-classical genre.  The Annie Moses Band plays over one hundred concerts per year, inspiring the young and old alike to join in the discipline, beauty, and excitement of highly skilled musicianship. 

Together, as the Annie Moses Band, they combine all their attributes: love for one another, prodigious talent, as well as a creative curiosity that goes beyond the classic, beyond even music, and into the great questions of life.

Christmas has long been a gateway to expose new ears to the unique sound of the five-member, string playing Annie Moses Band, considering audiences often broaden their musical tastes during the holidays.  The nationwide debut of their Christmas concert special has been widely accepted throughout the PBS community. This all-sibling ensemble ranges from ages 26 - 11 starting with Annie (lead vocals, violin), Alex (viola, background vocals), Benjamin (cello), Gretchen (violin, mandolin), Camille (harp, piano), and Jeremiah (guitar).  Annie, Alex, and Benjamin have all been trained at the world-renowned Juilliard School, in New York City.   

Released through PBS nationally 12/09
November 10, 2011 through January 31, 2012

Performing music from their new album, Pilgrims and Prodigals, with blazing arrangements of classic songs and folk tunes and featuring all new originals inspired by timeless works of literature and poetry.  Follow the narrow path of the pilgrim and the well-traveled road of the prodigal.  A musical pilgrimage that reaches deep into the soul.