For the past 25 years, our team has been perfecting our own brand response advertising, with a focus on strategic, creative executions that cut through the clutter to generate maximum leads and sales, while protecting brand image. 

Our Mission

Steering clear of the traditional “yell and sell” infomercial advertising, we walk the tightrope between brand and accountable advertising each and every day. It's a delicate balance but we have perfected it! We live for the client’s success and will pull out all the stops to move the needle in a cost-effective manner in all media.


Dream Journey Productions is a full-service media group specializing in television and radio content production, distribution, and financing, with focus on content creation of original programming for broadcasters worldwide across all distribution platforms.

We believe the keys to the consumer's heart are in presenting a story with emotion, conveying trust and giving strong reasons to believe.   If one goes too far in the brand direction, there is no response and, hence, a failed effort.  If one goes too far in the direct response area, there can be a suffered brand image.

We approach projects with a 50/50 mentality. Drive the image, but drive the sale.

Our dedicated services include consumer research, production consulting, campaign management, financial modeling, and media planning & execution.

We have produced hundreds of commercials and infomercials in the health & wellness, beauty, fitness, home improvement, pet care, financial services, and telecom categories and have generated over a billion dollars in both English and Spanish languages. In addition to television, we also produce digital, print and radio creative. 

What We've Achieved

  • Sold over $1 billion in products for our clients.

  • Rolled out 80% of campaigns as opposed to 10% industry average. 

  • Current active campaign garnering 1: 3.5 Media Efficiency Ratio (MER), while the industry standard is 1: 08. (i.e. For every $1 million invested, ours makes $3.5 million vs the current industry standard of every million invested they only sell $800,000 worth)